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Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey



Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Palaiologos, Konstantinos Prince Of The By  Abt 1279Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6135
2 Palaiologos, Isaak Prince Of Byzant  Abt 1299Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6143
3 Palaiologos, Demetrios Angelodukas Prince Of Byza  Abt 1297Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6142
4 Palaiologos, Bartholomaios Prince Of Byzant  Abt 1289Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6138
5 Palaiologina, Theodora Princess of Byza  Abt 1295Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6141
6 Palaiologina, Simonida Princess OF BYZA  1293Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6140
7 Palaiologina, Maria  Abt 1271Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6144
8 Palaiologina, Irini  Abt 1293Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6145
9 Komnene, Theodora Kalusine Princess OF BYZA  Abt 1146Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I4929
10 Komnene, Maria Princess  Abt 1149Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I4892
11 Komnene, Maria Princess  Abt 1123Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5723
12 Komnene, Irini Princess  Aft 1168Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I4932
13 Kommenos, Alexios Prince  Abt 1170Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I4933
14 Kastamonitissa, Euphrosyne  Abt 1125Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5811
15 Kamaterina, Euphrosyne Dukaina  Abt 1163Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5817
16 Byzantine empire, of  1144Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5678
17 Byzantine empire, of  13 Mar 963Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6813
18 Byzantine empire, Michael Ix, Emperor  1277Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6134
19 Byzantine empire, Isaak II, Emperor  Abt 1155Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5613
20 Byzantine empire, Isaac II Emperor  Abt 1155Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5808
21 Byzantine empire, Irini Maria Angelina,  Abt 1184Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5618
22 Byzantine empire, Andronikos I, Emperor  Abt 1123Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I4931
23 Byzantine empire, Alexios IV, Emperor  Abt 1182Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5616
24 Byzantine empire, Alexios III, Emperor  Abt 1143Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5816
25 Byzantine empire, Alexios II, Emperor  10 Sep 1169Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5469
26 Byzantine empire  25 Mar 1259Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I6132
27 Byzantine empire  Abt 1183Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5617
28 Angelos, Theodoros  Abt 1145Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5812
29 Angelos, Konstantinos  Abt 1156Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5814
30 Angelos, Ioannis Prince  Abt 1147Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5822
31 Angelos, Andronikos Dukas  Abt 1122Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5810
32 Angelos, Andronikos  Abt 1153Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5813
33 Angelina, Theodora Princess  Abt 1179Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5824
34 Angelina, Theodora  Abt 1158Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5831
35 Angelina, Miss  Abt 1151Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5829
36 Angelina, Irini Maria EmpressofGermany  1184Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5795
37 Angelina, Irini  Abt 1149Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5826
38 Anagelos, Manolis Prince  Abt 1188Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey I5614


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Byzantine empire / Komnene  Constantinople, Constantinople, Turkey F2112