Blau family

Morris and Bertha, center, on their 50th wedding anniversary, Los Angeles, 1961

Foreground, left to right: Esther (Blau) Green, Morris Blau, Bertha (Harris) Blau, Regina, Giza. The people in the background are unidentified.

Esther (Eszter), Giza (married surname: Kahn), Regina, Morris (Moritz), and Maria are the children of Bernát (b. in Újfehértó) and Teréz (b. in Gálszécs, now Sečovce, Slovakia). The couple married and and the family lived in Karád (today Tiszakarád) until they emigrated through Ellis Island in 1893, destined for Chicago. Bernát, a pedlar and a decorated Austro-Hungarian infantryman who had served in Bosnia, left for the U.S. in 1892 along with his father, Albert. The children of Bernát and Teréz later settled in Los Angeles.