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Complete Site Update

Old Site snapped just before the update.The site has had a complete overhaul and change to new template and presentation. With very few exceptions all the links are the same.

Some pages were just moved into the new template and some have updated information.

Why the change? I loved the look of the old site but as the years moved on I began to have problems with the navigation and layout. I'm sure it was MY problem rather than the original code.

The template used here is actually a blog template but allows me the ability to add information in sections with a different date on each, just as a blog entry would appear. I like the look of the site. It has an old time feeling which bespeaks of ancestry.

A different template is used for the Country schools pages and the Bible page, which I hope becomes pages, has its own template as well.

The bit of blog has come back as a site happenings page. Not all of the old bit of blog will come into this page. Some will become 'real' content.

Hope you like the new look and as always, may you find something on the site that is helpful. Read the Disclaimer before requesting to add information. I LOVE getting emails and contributions but there are 'rules' to such things. You'll find them outlined in the Disclaimer page. Then use the Contact Me page.

NEW!!! Search provided for this site only. See the right navigation at the bottom. Enter a search word or phrase (usual search capabilities including Boolean). A new page will appear with the hits from your search entry.

New Section Coming on Sinclair Ancestry

My Sinclair line (my maternal grandmother was a Sinclair) I find fascinating and, of course, there are brick walls there. Even though I just eliminated one of them I still have not found the ancestor who actually came to this country.

So look for a new addition where I give a treatment to the Sinclair's much as I have for Abraham Coffman, my oldest brick wall. For information on that, click on the Coffman|Livingston link above and look under Coffman Brick Walls & Breaking Them.

How This Site Got Started

What started out as a little expansion to my father's family research has grown into a full-fledged hobby. I just never realized how much fun this research could be. History, in a way, became alive.

So welcome to my Genealogy site. You'll find current brickwalls, the history and geography of my family tree. I have also included (or will be adding more as time goes by) links to the tools and resources that have helped me along the way.

Enjoy exploring the site. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please send to If you have any information to add, please read the disclaimer page first.

About this site

Focused on the my genelaogy research families. Site generously hosted on which provides good quality free Web site hosting for genealogy HTML pages. A free service from Broad Lea, a company specializing in Web hosting for e-commerce. Looking for a free ancestry-genealogy site? Please contact them. Credits go to for wood texture, ElenaSham & Coby17 for brushes.